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    Nuovi Argomenti
    A logotype composed by many elements that, joined together, form the name of the magazine, in the same way the essays of the writers and authors and the different arguments treated build up each issue.
    The lettering has a contemporary feel, yet with a subtle hint to the tradition of Old Style typefaces strongly associated to the idea of literature.

    Nuovi Argomenti
    A variable monogram that express the ever-changing condition of the magazine and the wide variety of themes which it deals with in each issue.

    Becky Reijs Pilates
    A curvy and soft logo that evokes the tense moves of pilates and conveys an idea of lightness, balance and positive energy with a subtle flavor of East.

    An html codes-like logotype that comes out of a cup, like the aroma of the many yummy cappuccinos drunk by the italian founders of this company specialized in iOS and web development and based in Leiden, The Netherlands.

    Musei Civici di Bassano del Grappa
    A series of dynamic combinations of surfaces for the system of Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa (Italy), where the main thing that all the collections have in common is the idea of surface, wether it’s the canvas of the paintings, the pottery or the paper of the Remondini’s prints.

    Federico Zonta Fotografo
    An F built with three classic picture representations (a quadrilateral shape with an x inside) that are the standard formats of photography (squared, 16:9 and landscape) for an amateur photographer.

    portfolio/work/01-nuovi-argomenti_OjbkTsk.jpg portfolio/work/02-nuovi-argomenti.gif portfolio/work/03-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/04-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/05-cappuccino.jpg portfolio/work/06-cappuccino.jpg portfolio/work/06-musei-civici.jpg portfolio/work/07-musei-civici.jpg portfolio/work/08-musei-civici.jpg portfolio/work/09-musei-civici.jpg portfolio/work/10-f-zonta.jpg portfolio/work/11-videomood.jpg portfolio/work/12-videomood-a.jpg portfolio/work/13-Vaillant.jpg portfolio/work/14-Vaillant.jpg portfolio/work/15-Vaillant.jpg