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  • Becky Reijs Pilates
    Simple and clear visual identity for a pilates teacher that opened her studio in the heart of Amsterdam.
    Sinuosity, elasticity, flexibility, energy —classic elements of Pilates— and the positions given by the tension of muscles typical of this discipline, are expressed through typography, arranged to form read curved configurations.
    The soft and sweet colors convey a feeling of relaxation and balance.
    For the flyers, the lightness, energy and vitality of pilates are expressed using simple abstract shapes.
    A clear, no-nonsense lettering express seriousness and professionalism.

    portfolio/work/01-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/02-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/03-becky-reijs-pilates_KrZCgJO.jpg portfolio/work/04-becky-reijs-pilates_2nqIeVS.jpg portfolio/work/05-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/06-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/07-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/08-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/09-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/10-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg portfolio/work/11-becky-reijs-pilates.jpg