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    Poster Heroes 2015
    Poster designed for the fifth edition of Poster Heroes, an international contest aimed to raise the creative community and stimulate the debate on issues with strong social impact.
    Every year is asked to graphic designers and creatives of all over the world to design a poster about a specific theme.
    The 2015 edition was focused on the loop of food (production, transformation, distribution, disposal) and the whole food chain in its broader aspect and all the related social, economical and cultural issues.
    I wanted to underline the cultural value of food since I strongly believe that the locally produced food is expression of the culture of a place, of its people; it’s the extraordinary outcome of the evolution, knowledge, traditions and resources of a territory.
    In the globalized world of great food distribution, local food is put more and more on the boarder by the consumption of food that has no geographical and cultural connotation, food that becomes blended and indistinct for its lack of authenticity and diversity. Local, authentic food is identity and culture.

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