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  • Divergenze Incrociate - Extensions - Debaters
    Series of three albums of experimental \ free jazz \ avant grade music composed and performed by Tony Rusconi, Guido Mazzon and Roberto Aglieri.
    The light and experimental typography recalls the improvised and free nature of the music played by the three artists and reflects the different concepts behind each album.
    The typography is arranged freely on the space like the different sounds that, mixed together, make up the flux of music.

    Year: 2015
    portfolio/work/01-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/02-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/03-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/04-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/05-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/06-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/07-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/08-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/09-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/10-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/11-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/12-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/13-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/17-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/20-cd-rusconi.jpg portfolio/work/21-cd-rusconi.jpg