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    Proposal for the update of the logotype, visual identity and layout.
    For the update of the visual identity of Nuovi Argomenti, an italian literary magazine published by Mondadori and founded in 1953 by Alberto Carocci and Alberto Moravia, two proposals were developed: one graphic and one typographic.
    For the first one two-colors pictures are used, vaguely abstract and ambiguous, therefore open to interpretation and suitable to represent the breadth and diversity of topics addressed in the various issues of the magazine.
    The treatment of typography has a contemporary feel with, at the same time, a subtle reference to the literary tradition.
    In the typographic proposal the use of different typefaces evokes the diversity and the variety of subjects covered by the magazine, binding in style and flavor to the theme addressed in each issue.
    This happens also with the NA monogram, where the A is set with a different typeface in each issue.

    This work has been realized during the Communication Design Lab 2 held by Enrico Camplani (Studio Tapiro, Venice) - Iuav University of Architecture in Venice.

    Editorial design
    Visual identity
    Year: 2013/2015
    portfolio/work/00-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/01-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/02-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/03-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/04-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/05-nuovi-argomentiA.jpg portfolio/work/06-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/07-nuovi-argomentiA.jpg portfolio/work/08-nuovi-argomentiB.jpg portfolio/work/09-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/10-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/11-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/12-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/13-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/14-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/15-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/16-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/17-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/18-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/19-nuovi-argomenti.gif portfolio/work/20-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/21-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/22-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/23-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/24-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/25-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/26-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/27-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/28-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/29-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/30-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/31-nuovi-argomenti.jpg portfolio/work/32-nuovi-argomenti.gif